This young lady goes by several names- mainly Lexi & Alex. I met Alex at the salon I was working at, Lady Janes in Brandon, and at first glance presented herself as a decent stylist/barber. Over the next few months, it became increasingly obvious that Alex did not take her job the slightest bit serious, and she was only working at a men’s barber shop to meet men. Alex was frequently tardy and would have the audacity to show up at the salon with Starbucks or Dunkin’ donuts. She would steal from the salon, and we were convinced she was trying to hussle by doing color/cuts at home.She does have a valid Floria Cosmetology License, but bear in mind they must be renewed at pre set intervals. Alex can cut men’s hair decently but her personal grooming (hair & makeup) are to be desired. She hasn’t grasped the concept of “less is more”. Sunstate Academy is not known for producing amazing aestheticians. It’s hard to get clients to take you seriously when you are wearing such obvious, bold, inappropriate makeup.Also, I would NOT recommend having Alex do your lash extensions. She uses grade Walmart products and does the work “at home”. Any equipment she may have is more than likely from a salon she was hired at.Since this isn’t a page to vent my frustrations with her career choice, i’ll cut to the chase. I inadvertently came across this website while googling another employee and noticed Alex has quite a few entries on here. She *tried* to associate herself with my fiancé at the time. He would come in for a clean up and if I was too busy, Alex would shape him up. He Told me she offered to put her number in his iphone under the ruse of being an emergency contact if she needed to speak with me and I wasn’t available. He took the number but showed me later and we deleted her contact. Alex somehow got his number instead because she started messaging him. Eventually she asked him to meet for drinks behind my back. That was it. Just like that our friendship was over and I immediately relocated to a different salon. My ex husband cheated on me and I wasn’t going through that again. Oh, did I mention I was pregnant with our 3rd precious baby girl when Alex asked him out for drinks? Looks like nothing had changed. If you live in Tampa, stay away from Alex professionally and privately.Related Cheaters Post