This is the kind of guy to be wary of, especially in regards to his sexual deviance and inappropriate perversion at times. He’s one sick-minded, crazy s*x maniac who tends to look for s*x from ladies and isn’t genuine about looking for character in a potential life partner. One time, he’d taken it too far by sending a female friend a picture of his privates, which resulted in her great traumatization and permanent blocking of his number and social media accounts. Even when he has a girlfriend, he could go behind her back to look for virtual s*x with other ladies when he’s not able to get any from her.
Because of the panty b**t shots that he texted me, I ended up changing my number to stop his further sexual harassment. That’s obviously a guy’s b**t since it apparently lacks volume and is flat and muscular. He’d sent the first white panty shot using a Grass Valley number (the 530 area code). The second attempt with the purple panty was done using a TextNow number. LOL… What a fool to think that he could turn me lesbian by trying to pass it off as a lady’s b**t. It doesn’t work that way—not when it’s a guy’s b**t. This sicko must have too much time on his hands to stoop this low to bother me when I’ve long moved on. Such an immature little boy isn’t really a man.