Joseph “Joe” Rocha is married to Cassandra “Cassie” Rocha and lives in Williams, AZ and has 2 children with Casssie.
Joe prefers to take advantage of married women. He befriends them over a short period and then after gaining their trust and confidence escalates their interactions. When the women try to back out he blackmails them and makes them feel guilty. Joe Rocha is a professional at emotional abuse.
If the relationship goes sour he shares intimate pictures and conversations with the woman’s partner and local community anonymously.
In addition to to emotional abuse , Joe Rocha is a physical abuser as well.
Beware of Joseph Rocha of Williams, Az
he has previously worked at the Grand Canyon Railway in williams AZ, Sams Club in Flagstaff AZ, and Nestle Purina in Flagstaff AZ