Mark Cuban | President
How funny this is !!!!This man looks handsome and cute.He loves to meet women on dating apps or socialmedia.He pretend to be very honest and really sweet.This is how he manupulate womens.He loves to send personalized gift and stalk you only to tell other women youare a crazy excolleague whom he’s just trying to help because he is so caring.I spoke to multiple women he was dating at the same thime that he was totally intome.
He loves to tell women that he is 37 and lives with his family,he is nota player.Ladies be aware he will play on yourweakness and try to act like yourreal hero.He text messages non-stop making yoy think that he is only into you,but at time he is dating with other women in your town.He is not that manas he shows other.I feel pretty for those women who belives him and falls in his trap.