Pretends to be this great, humble guy who would help anyone…but is really a manipulator, liar and golddigger. Breaks up with ex girlfriend and then gets married to millionaire woman about 8 weeks later. Lies when asked initially if he had another woman lined up to make himself look like an innocent victim, woe is me type whining. Played avoidance, stonewalling, gaslighting, crazymaking games prior to break-up so he could justify ending things and make it as though it was the ex who caused all the issues. Gossiped about ex to others and told major lies. Pretty much gossiped about everyone he knew except his weird father. Never took responsibility for any of his actions. Promised the world right before break-up. Then darts when he gets an enticing offer from some rich woman. Now, prances around like a king bragging about his expensive toys, big house, trips, etc. Lives off this woman’s riches. Destroys women with his lofty empty promises and then deserts them when he finds someone better to sponge off of. He is evil.